Animated GIFs by Dain Fagerholm

“Friends”, 2012 by Dain Fagerholm. All images in this article ©Dain Fagerholm

Do not adjust your monitor. The brain shaking you are experiencing is the incredible work of Dain Fagerholm. Dain hails from Seattle, WA but his work is from another world entirely. An illustrator by trade, Dain has created an entire portfolio of hand drawn animated GIFs, which he’s called “Stereographic Drawings”. Dain creates these mind bending images of somewhat sinister characters by creating two parallel drawings and varying the angle between the two of them slightly. When combined, they form a moving 3D image that is sure to capture your attention.

Dain Fagerholm gif
“Creature with Gem Over Head”, 2012 by Dain Fagerholm

This slight animation ads a whole other dimension to these mystic creatures, pulling them away from the background and adding life without them actually moving. Although the transformation from illustration to animated GIF is not the most complicated task in Photoshop, it reminds us that the simple things are sometimes the most extraordinary. And that is not to take away from the actual illustration themselves; which are incredibly detailed.

“Seven Headed Creature”, 2012 by Dain Fagerholm

“Mystery Planet”, 2012 by Dain Fagerholm

I’ve never seen anything like these creations before, and after this I am not sure my eyes will function properly. But the innovation of this technique and Dain’s drive for diversity is what we at NoD love about the creative community.

You can view Dain’s entire portfolio, buy prints, T-shirts, and even iPhone skins on his blog.

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