WFMU Astroslide

Artist Track Album Label Format New Approx. start time
Popol Vuh the garden morya  Options kailash soul jazz * 0:00:00 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
jeff cowell we all know  Options Lucky Strikes and Liquid Gold numero group * 0:04:23 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
dorit chrysler tomorrow night  Options sea of negligence 0:08:16 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
lloyd cheechoo james bay  Options native north amercia vol one light in the attic 0:11:26 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
betrand burgalat waiting for rain  Options portrait-robot 0:14:05 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
dj dolores o medo do artihero  Options Aparelhagem 0:18:25 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
Wganda Kenya tifit hayed  Options Columbia! The Golden Age Of Discos Fuentes. The Powerhouse Of Columbian Music 1960-76 0:22:56 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
them two am i a good man  Options the alternate history of popular music v/a numero group 0:27:01 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
caetano veloso gilberto misterioso  Options Araçá Azul 0:30:14 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
biosphere baud  Options Stator (split w/ Deathprod) touch * 0:41:20 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
hong kong in the 60’s terre des hommes 1967  Options 0:47:34 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
francoise hardy la pluie sans parapluie  Options 0:50:05 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
allah-las ela navega  Options the allah-las 0:54:06 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
lonnie holley playing , playing and playing live @wfmu  Options 0:58:05 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
guantanamo baywatch beat has changed  Options darling…it’s too late * 1:04:51 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
ombre tormentas  Options believe you me 1:07:12 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
Bernard Estardy Ombilic Contact  Options alessandra and the atomic crocus 1:12:14 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
the deafening colours mary-anne  Options * 1:14:40 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
kevin morby reign  Options harlem river 1:18:22 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
buena vista social club habanera  Options lost and found world circuit * 1:23:02 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
lower dens Sucker’s Shangri-La  Options escape from evil ribbon music * 1:25:15 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
saun & starr hot shot  Options look closer daptone records * 1:29:32 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
shatabdi express rocky rock  Options 1:33:19 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
the range of light wilderness Perfect ( first time)  Options the range of light wilderness 1:37:22 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
Leila Gobi Aichetma  Options Leila clermont music Vinyl * 1:41:11 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
x ray pop les fruits  Options absolutely nice east west * 1:46:56 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
ennio morricone lauda sion  Options Il Sorriso Del Grande Tentatore (Original Soundtrack) omni recordings * 1:49:35 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
mable scott fool burro  Options jukebox mambo v/a 1:56:22 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
creation rebel space moment section 6  Options starship africa 1:58:46 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
jordan de la sierra foundations of living civilization are translucent as jade  Options gymnosphere: song of the rose numero group * 2:13:23 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
cate le bon terror of the man  Options me oh my child of microtones * 2:36:10 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
matt MV valentine near yr zone  Options midden mound child of microtones * 2:40:44 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
astrud gilberto agua de beber  Options plus 2:44:06 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
the new lines the tale of the bamboo cutter  Options fall in line monn glyph 2:47:45 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
steve reid Lions of Juda  Options Organ Donor: Scott McDowell’s 2015 Premium wfmu * 2:52:04 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
les daltons dalton city  Options Vive Le Rock n Roll: The Unruly World of French Rock n Roll 1956-62 v/a RPM * 2:56:13 (MP3 | Pop‑up)