Giant Wall Stickers sets Kids room decoration from e-glue

Amazing collection of Giant wall stickers sets for kids room interior decoration ideas made from high-quality material made in France with guarantee a healthy and safe environment to kids are now available thanks to e-glue. The company brings illustration for kids to home-scale by designing giant wall stickers sets and revisits with a contemporary graphic design some of standard themes as : savanna, jungle, pirates, underwater world, train, robots, etc.
The e-glue creative team studio, Marielle & Sébastien set up their first studio in 2006 and specialized in communication, concept and design for spaces dedicated to kids. They launch in 2007 their own products aimed at giving a contemporary view to the very standard world of accessories and decor for kids. Considering space as a blank page for illustration, e-glue proposes much more than just simple decoration and gives the possibility to open a window of imagination, by transforming various supports into narrative spaces, where kids and parents can create, learn and have fun !
With an interesting solution for designing a room interior for your kids space, you can transform a standard kids room interior design into an interesting kids room with various themes such as jungle, savanna, train station, pirates,robots or even into moon base thanks to e-glue innovative giant wall stickers sets idea.
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