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We ask the question in a variety of ways. “How do I know if my idea for an information product is a good one?” “How do I know if my market is interested in what I want to teach?” “How can I know if my community will pay for this information?” The answer to these […]


Do you notice there are Solopreneurs who put a lot of effort into not looking like one?  They try to look bigger, like a ‘company’.  Perhaps they feel that won’t be taken seriously if clients know they’re on their own.  Putting on a corporate persona doesn’t appeal to me – but if it works for […]


I wrote this in 2010 when I was still doing web design work: “I am my most important client. When the rubber hits the road, my own projects have to come first. I refuse to give the best of me to someone else. Certainly, what my clients do get is still pretty darn good but […]


My post title is pretty gutsy, right?  I’m saying most people use Tags all wrong and that’s a strong statement. Well, it’s my opinion.  I’ll stand by it and do what I can to support it with what follows. My advice about using Tags on your blog is not about Search Engine Optimization.  I’m no SEO […]


We only make money when we inspire someone to take an action that we want them to take – whether that is to click a link, sign up for an offer, buy an affiliate product, purchase one of our own products or hire us to perform a service… Some might think that inspiring someone is […]

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